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Icecream and Desserts Products Areas
With our wide range of natural colors, sweeteners and other products we are able to match the many different requirements that arise in the ice cream and dessert industries.  Our application expertise ensures that we can provide solutions that are on the forefront of technological developments, while still incorporating consumer trends and market developments.
Chr-Hansen is a global supplier of natural ingredients for food and health industries, manufactured with advanced technology such as cultures, enzymes, probiotics and natural colors. Chr-Hansen is leader in the markets in which operates, backed by innovation of products and applications, production processes and establishing long term relationships with our customers.
Biotécnica Catalina C.A. imports and distributes raw materials for the Venezuela Food Industry since 1999. It belongs to a conglomerate of companies since 1977 takes place in the areas of import, agriculture and services. Establish solid long-term relationships with clients throughout Venezuela, offering appropriate solutions of the highest quality.
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